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Advantages and disadvantages of titanium plate heat exchange
Time: 2013-08-20 11:51
Advantages and disadvantages of titanium plate heat exchanger
A light weight plate heat exchanger plate thickness of only 0.4 ~ 0.8mm, while the shell and tube heat exchanger tubes has a thickness of 2.0 ~ 2.5mm, shell and tube heat exchanger shell than the much heavier frame, plate heat exchanger shell and tube generally only the weight of about 1/5.
(2) low price and use the same material in the same heat transfer area, the plate heat exchanger shell and tube prices lower by about 40% to 60%.
3 to facilitate production of plate heat exchanger heat transfer plate is the use of stamping, high degree of standardization and mass production, shell and tube heat exchangers commonly used handmade.
4 due to the different heat transfer coefficient of the corrugated plates are inverted, a complex of the flow channel, the fluid flow channel between the corrugated plate was rotated within the three-dimensional flow, the Reynolds number at lower (typically Re = 50 ~ 200) produced under turbulence, so the heat transfer coefficient, generally considered to be a shell and tube 3 to 5 times.
5 logarithmic mean temperature, small temperature difference at the end of the shell and tube heat exchangers, the two fluids respectively, in the inner tube and shell side flow, on the whole cross-flow flow, the logarithmic mean temperature difference correction factor is small, and plate and heat exchanger is more current or countercurrent flow pattern, the correction coefficient is typically about 0.95, in addition, cold and hot fluid flowing inside the heat exchanger plate parallel to the heat transfer surface, no bypass flow, so that the plate heat exchanger The end of the temperature difference is small, the heat exchanger on the water can be less than 1 ℃, and shell and tube heat exchanger is generally 5 ℃.
6 small footprint compact plate heat exchangers, heat transfer area per unit volume of shell and tube 2-5 times, but also not to be set aside as shell and tube bundle drawn overhaul area, so to achieve the same heat transfer, heat exchanger area of ​​shell and tube heat exchanger is approximately 1/5 to 1/10.
7 is easy to change the heat transfer area or process combination to increase or decrease as long as several plates, to increase or decrease the heat transfer area to achieve the purpose; changed or replaced several sheet plate arrangement, to achieve the required process composition and adapt to new working conditions exchanger, shell and tube heat exchanger heat transfer area is almost impossible to increase.
8 easy to clean frame plate heat exchanger as long as loose bolts can loosen the plate beam, remove the plates for mechanical cleaning, which require frequent cleaning equipment, heat transfer process is very convenient.
9 heat loss only the heat transfer plate heat exchanger shell plate exposed to the atmosphere, so heat loss is negligible and does not require insulation measures. The shell and tube heat exchanger heat loss, you need insulation.
10 smaller capacity shell and tube heat exchanger is 10% to 20%.
11. Difficult to scale due to the internal fully turbulent, so easy to scale, and its scaling coefficient is only a shell and tube heat exchanger 1/3 to 1/10.
Disadvantages: 1. Pressure loss per unit length as the gap between the heat transfer surface is small, the heat transfer surface of a convex, so than the conventional large pressure loss smooth tube.
(2) Working pressure should not be too large, medium temperature is not too high, it may leak sealed plate heat exchanger gasket seal, the working pressure is generally not more than 2.5MPa, medium temperature should be lower than 250 ℃ or less, or they may leak.
3 easy to plug the very narrow passage between the plates, generally only 2 ~ 5mm, when the heat transfer medium contains large particles or fibers material, easy to plug the passage between the plates.
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